Canon Eos M50 Guide To Vlogging Cut Scenes

Here is my quick guide to making vlogging cut scenes for more dynamic vlogs. If you have questions about how and why people are using cut scenes in their videos this might be for you.



The Gear We Use:

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Canon Eos M50:

Back Up Camera:

Lauren’s Camera:

Smallrig Cage:

Quick Release Plate That Doesn’t Block Battery Door:

Low Light Lens:

EF-EF-M Speed Booster:

EF B-Roll Lens:

EF-EF-M Adapter:

Budget ND Filter:

Epic Mirrorless Backpack:

Vlogging Mic:

Shock Mount That Doesn’t Block EVF:

Softbox and Stand I Use:

LED Softbox Bulb:

YN300 iii Light Panel:

Batteries For The Light Panel:

Boom Stand For Audio:

Voice Recorder Updated Version:

Best Vlogging Tripod:

Arca Swiss Ballhead:

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