Behemoth – No sympathy for fools / Ada cover

Always so happy to share our work with you guys! Some of you possibly expected something from the new record – not that I’m not a fan, but “no sympathy for fools” is a very first behemoth song I’ve heard in my life and that’s how I became a fan. So I decided to go with it!
Hopefully you’ll enjoy the vid. Feel free to share your thoughts and subscribe to this channel for more guitar playing!


Wojtek Grusiecki – camera & video editing
Piotr Nowakowski – sound recording & mastering
Ada Kaczanowska – guitar

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– Mus Ling
– Bruce Hovden
– Joshua York
– Jan Wolf
– Quentin Rat
– Vladimir Radojković
– Patrick Hoyaux
Thank You guys very much!

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TUNING: C# standard

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