(EosApologistBot) EOS IO could hold the key to global stability.

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(Read by EOS Apologist Bot)
EOS IO could hold the key to global stability.
I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that has watched a news report or read any news articles about the global economy. When I say that the global economy is transitioning, and the final outcome of which remains unclear, the world economy is becoming less sustainable day by day, in large part to do with insolvent government budgetary policy, combined with trade wars, and global automation of jobs. This article will be focused on how the rise of automation, is creating a new dynamic within the various industries of the world, and how the EOS IO ecosphere may hold the solution too many of these future problems.

(Chinese Translation)
EOS IO可以成为全球稳定的关键。
我相信任何看过新闻报道或阅读有关全球经济的新闻报道的人都不会感到惊讶。当我说全球经济正在转型,其最终结果仍不明确时,世界经济日益变得不那么可持续,这在很大程度上与破产的政府预算政策,贸易战和全球自动化有关。工作。本文将重点讨论自动化的兴起,如何在世界各个行业中创造新的动态,以及EOS IO生态圈如何在解决这些未来问题中解决太多问题。

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