Ep 19. Drilling & Blasting in Mines Using IoT & AI with Data Cloud

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How well do mines “know the rock” they are drilling and blasting? The Internet of Things is changing the mining landscape and automation continuously to integrate into systems across all sectors. We sat down with a company who has integrated autonomous solutions, IOT (Internet Of Things), cloud data technology, and digital high resolution imaging into a system that accurately provides rock characterization in iron ore and next bench down predictions for base coal. In other words the technology informs the mine operator in real time how to maximize their drilling and blasting. CEO of Data Cloud https://datacloud.com,Thor Kallestad https://datacloud.com/company/ joined The Crownsmen Podcast to talk about how they pivoted into mining from oil and gas and how their company has delivered a new technology into the complex world of mining. #DataCloud #drilling #blasting

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