XRP News: Brad at DC Blockchain Summit, Market Less Coupled to BTC?, UBRI Kansas and UT, Poker HODL

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Recent Topical Videos:

Ripple Leadership
Brad Garlinghouse and the Peanut Butter Manifesto: https://youtu.be/KmFC4G3DAfU
The Adaptability of Ripple: https://youtu.be/Xm-fB5G0R1E
Chris Larsen and the Internet of Value: https://youtu.be/YnwyMHkc5Ms
All or Nothing: https://youtu.be/OzP_7BBfDag
Liquidity Begets Liquidity: https://youtu.be/QvYWOlH1yWc
Brad Garlinghouse Predicts Crypto Custody: https://youtu.be/aU-WX9fp08w
Garlinghouse Ain’t Worried (Security Debate): https://youtu.be/JttNlgtDJtY
Brad’s Comments on xRapid Use: https://youtu.be/i8EPtFkyyjM

Ripple and XRP History
The Winkening: https://youtu.be/WTve4pOLHsw
The Evolution of FUD: https://youtu.be/98LVzUtBso0
A Disappointing Year for Ripple? https://youtu.be/B2dFZ3o5e6Q

XRP and Cryptocurrency Basics
Proof-of-Work vs. Consensus: https://youtu.be/doYNEl05CKI
Jevons Paradox and David Schwartz: https://youtu.be/2Wa_vSy7u3A
Public Keys, Private Keys, and Crypto Storage: https://youtu.be/LaG5y1pXjVs
Weitse Wind and the XRP Tip Bot: https://youtu.be/OOwvGBbaxk0
Measuring xRapid: https://youtu.be/JXZ-7xjLEL8
Galgitron and a Monkey on an Elevator: https://youtu.be/UYopO_06rok
MUFG Coin and Walled Gardens: https://youtu.be/HMKnbkAUv6A
Ripple’s XRP Incentives: https://youtu.be/Q8DJBnfA-GU
XRP and Virtual Gaming: https://youtu.be/qDTi-vBJCv8
University Blockchain Research Initiative: https://youtu.be/-peCbS11EEU
Coil and Incentivizing a Better Internet: https://youtu.be/7XudV1TVMN4
SWIFT Vulnerabilities: https://youtu.be/81QxaDzx3p8

XRP Opinions
Bob Way is the New David Schwartz: https://youtu.be/M3wIo1idxqM
Earn Interest on Your XRP: https://youtu.be/qQbaibLPPVw
The Significance of XRP on Coinbase: https://youtu.be/5gMJdgUkQLU
Groupthink: https://youtu.be/Q5SO9oonnZc
Marketcap Calculations: https://youtu.be/6xR9Cq2Fnww
Will XRP Become THE Tip Coin? https://youtu.be/l2rv8oBD1uY
You Can Thank Warren Davidson: https://youtu.be/z96xubd6T5c
Investment Theory / Diversification: https://youtu.be/KRSlcDuwfrQ
When xPool? https://youtu.be/o0exrg1CJy4
Changes Coming to Marketcaps and Metrics? https://youtu.be/aBocsh7r83c
Crypto Addiction Case Study – C3Nik: https://youtu.be/9AFTWpjCm-A

Crypto is Dead: https://youtu.be/9luek99NarM
Some Thoughts on the Price of XRP: https://youtu.be/uIKhdN_RdWw
Where’s the Bottom? https://youtu.be/Mc8jHjLJbXw
XRP’s Reaction to Legitimate News: https://youtu.be/MrrSWTnaRgc
You Only Buy Once: https://youtu.be/pFqPx6cdgys
Instamoon Possibility? https://youtu.be/IIYt4u1lvzA

Bearableguy and Insiders
Bearableguy and the Phenomenon of Failed Predictions: https://youtu.be/kLpUjbJsVa8
Bearableguy Nonsense: https://youtu.be/TZNhsH7SORY
Bearable is Back: https://youtu.be/lxqSTY4Isy0

Other Crypto Opinions
One More Reason Why Bitcoin Won’t Die: https://youtu.be/JAAxBEnX2sM
Would a Bitcoin 51% Attack Crash the Market? https://youtu.be/AL1n9-7eufA
A Proposal for the Correct Pronunciation of HODL: https://youtu.be/rGkoKlqGsIw
Crypto Tribalism and Mutual Interests: https://youtu.be/Ieslw1GdcvA

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