4 weeks old ADA 60p NATURE AQUARIUM by Michael Mikkelsen, Aquascaper from Denmark ??

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► This time travelling to Tropica Denmark HQ I visited a Danish Aquascaper called Michael Mikkelsen.

Fun fact: Michael got into aquascaping after watching one of my videos.
Over the past years, Michael has dramatically improved his aquascaping capabilities due to a very strict rescaping routine. Michael doesnt keep his layouts any longer than 2-3 months. Sometimes longer, but in general as short as possible.

While this might sound dramatic, it this has really boosted Michaels Aquascaping skills in a very short time.
Having the conversation with him and seeing his success really inspired me to start a challenge of my own. More on this in future videos.

Check out Michael on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/michaelfmikkelsen/

download that little guide, Michael has referenced http://www.adana.co.jp/en/contents/support/pdf/index.html


ps: Keep on Scaping – Cheerio! ?

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