Canon EOS RP – The Best Camera For Travelling Creatives?

I bought the Canon EOS RP! Here’s why I bought it and why I think the Canon EOS RP is the best camera for travel video and photography in 2019.

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The Canon EOS RP has been getting a lot of criticism, but I think it’s a great little camera. It doesn’t excel at anything – which is why so many photographers and videographers aren’t loving it – but it does everything well. That means it’s not the best camera for filmmakers or niche photographers. But, if you’re looking for an all in one camera for photography and videography, it’s hard to beat.

The Canon EOS RP is also a great camera for travellers because it’s small, lightweight and affordable. It does everything many of us need – including people who make money from video and photography! – it just doesn’t have any extras. I think it’s ideal for YouTubers who also want to dabble in photography or photographers who want to dabble in video.

In short, I love the Canon EOS RP. I had my reservations about buying it but I love having a single set-up that works for both photo and video.

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