Budget Magic: $65 (32 tix) Mono-Green Liquimetal Control (Modern, Magic Online)

This week, we’re heading to Modern for a deck that’s super janky but also super fun, unique, and ultra-budget: Mono-Green Liquimetal Control! While Mono-Green certainly isn’t the most traditional color for a control deck, the color is really, really good at destroying artifacts. While this is great if you happen to play against Affinity or Hardened Scales, in most matchups, the ability to destroy an artifact isn’t all that useful. But what if we can turn our opponent’s permanents into artifacts and then blow them up with efficient artifact-removal spells? That’s our plan today! Can a deck built around Liquimetal Coating, Myr Landshaper, and a ton of creatures that destroy artifacts when they enter the battlefield compete in Modern on an ultra-budget form? Let’s get to the video and find out!

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Match 1: 6:25
Match 2: 16:57
Match 3: 35:16
Match 4: 46:47
Match 5: 54:30

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