Crypto Talks: Episode 3 – Part 2 – Let’s Talk Cryptocurrency Regulation with Crypto Kanoon

Crypto Talks – Episode 3 – Part 2

Welcome to the third episode of Crypto Talks where we invited Co-founder of Crypto Kanoon, Mr. Kashif Raza to discuss various possible aspects of cryptocurrency regulation in India. Mr. Raza is one of the most noted and referred-to figure when it comes to regulation of cryptocurrency. His Twitter channel ‘Crypto Kanoon’ is duly regarded as one of the trusted news sources for any news & updates surrounding cryptocurrency regulation in India.
Since the complete video of the talk session turned out too long, we had to divide it into 6 parts.

Here is Part 2 of Episode 3, where Mr. Raza shares with us a valuable piece of advice regarding cryptocurrency investments.

First part of the same episode was released last week. If you missed it, don’t worry. Catch up with Part 1 here:

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