CSGO News | New Pasza/NEO Team, Flusha to Return to CS? OpTic Rumors and Winstrike Bondik

Tons of rumors hitting the news today as a robed man wants to sign Neo/Pasza, Cloud9 still wants Flusha but so does everyone else, and OpTic rumors continue. #CSGO

00:50 – European Entrepreneur Seeks Neo/PaszaBiceps
2:51 – OpTic to Bench JUGI and Cajunb
4:55 – Cloud9 Still Want Flusha
7:03 – Winstrike Add Bondik for Waylander

Winstrike Changes: https://team.winstrike.gg/en/winstrike-team-changes-the-player/
Robert Gryn Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HceJmVn4Mk&t=3564s
Robert Gryn to Sign Polish Team: http://cybersport.pl/192449/robert-gryn-gadamy-z-neo-i-pasha-zeby-zalozyc-nowa-druzyne/
OpTic Gaming Rumors: https://realsport101.com/news/sports/esports/csgo/sources-optic-gaming-to-bench-cajunb-and-jugi/
Flusha Clip: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/b5alw0/flusha_got_asked_to_standin_for_dennis_in_nip/
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