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Today in the cryptocurrency & blockchain world Bitmain + Innosilicon launch new equihash ASIC miners. The Antminer Z11 is now the best Zcash miner, followed the by Inno A9++ ZEC master with both miners pushing over 135kh/s! UPS & Louis Vuitton hire blockchain developers, DragonEX exchange is hacked and funds are lost. Amazon drops cryptocurrency as a way to pay for the subscription service, and OKEX is launching a decentralized exchange (DEX) their own blockchain and their own version of ICOs aka IEOs. + more!

Bitmain Antminer Z11 buy on Amazon –

00:00 Intro to VoskCoin Crypto News
00:35 Bitmain Antminer Z11 best Zcash ZEC miner ever
01:34 Innosilicon releases A9++ ZEC master equihash miner
02:40 Tails Vosk shiba inu doge sponsors VoskCoin video
03:04 UPS hires blockchain devs to put packages on blockchain
04:00 Louis Vuttion hires blockchain devs to track luxury goods
06:19 DAPPs built on Ethereum makes bullish use-case
06:44 DragonEX crypto exchange is hacked and funds are lost
07:35 Amazon owned TWITCH DROPS CRYPTO
08:14 OKEX/OKB developing DEX + OKchain + IEOs (ICO pad)
09:22 Doge crashes the cryptocurrency news update video!
10:43 CCN crypto coin news quality is very poor/immature
11:51 Bitmain IPO failed + new CEO Haichao Wang not Jihan Wu
13:04 Crypto news recap!
16:08 Outtro


Bitmain Antminer Z11 equihash ZEC miner –
Innosilicon A9++ equihash ZEC ASIC miner –
UPS hires blockchain devs for logisitics –
Louis Vuitton hires blockchain devs for goods –
Ethereum coinmarketcap / value –
DragonEX crypto exchange hacked –
Amazon TWITCH drops Crypto payments –
OKEX IEOs/DEX/blockchain/ICOs + more –
CCN becomes immature low quality news –
Bitmain IPO fails –
Bitmain appoints new CEO + Jihan Wu director –

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