Canon EOS RP MUCH Better Than I Expected: Test and Review

The Canon EOS RP is much better than I expected; as you’ll see in my EOS RP test and review video.
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The Canon EOS RP is a mirrorless camera that’s gotten a lot of attention lately. When released by Canon the Eos RP was one of best value mirrorless cameras available. It’s a little camera, at a reasonable price point, that packs a lot of punch.
I couldn’t resist the Canon EOS RP. I had to have it. So on this episode I do a Canon RP field test traveling from Singapore to London to Norway. On the test, I do a full Canon EOS RP video review. And I take the RP out into the field for some photography tests.
This review is going to be followed up in a couple months with a more comprehensive review of the Canon EOS RP. So stay tuned for that, and more photography videos.


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