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# World Wide Pump Community Start

Welcome to Telegram channel, specially devoted to pumps on cryptocurrency market and the whole nine yards.

We will organize pumps (and dumps accordingly:) of different cryptocurrencies under the present project.
Pumps are going to be realized in several formats:
1. High-risk pumps lasting several minutes.
2. Pumps will last from 1 week and more so not only organizers and experienced players could earn, but also new comers. Such pumps will be clearly instructed and accompanied with coin promotion strategy.
3. Cryptocurrency purchase possibility for several minutes before pumping of other organizers is available (see details on the channel).

Regularly chats for different details discussion, connected with coins purchase and sale (exchanges, bots and etc.)

The most interesting details will be announced later on the channel. (!)

All posts are in English.

If you are interested, join us If you are not…. do not join :)))))))
See you soon.

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