News: Major Bitcoin Bull Indicator / Binance Mainnet Launched: Get Prepared

Bitcoin and Ethereum predictions turn bullish as we cross the “Golden Cross”. Binance Mainnet Launches today with the BNB token migrating to Binance Chain. We take a deep dive at all the token swap details. Vitalik proposes Ethereum Staking Economics.

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Crypto News Topics:
1:30 Golden Cross – Bitcoin and Ethereum headed to Bull Market?
3:41 Trade Volumes up 70% in March (new report)
4:08 Vitalik Proposes increased Staking Rewards in the Future for Ethereum
4:55 Serena Williams invested in Coinbase (congrats)
5:46 Bittrex Denies having North Korean users
7:43 Shop on Amazon with Bitcoin
7:55 CFTC Chair hints on why Bakkt approval is slow
8:42 Binance Chain in Detail

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Binance Mainnet:

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