700% Gains with this Cryptocurrency 🚀 (in the LAST TWO WEEKS! 😳)

Late Night Crypto Chats with the Crypto Legends

Since our last live stream on Friday, May 17th it seems Bitcoin had a pretty “pumped” weekend (pun intended lol) jumping back up to retest resistant around $8200. Since then it has bounced off of support around $7600 and is no sitting around $7820 according to CoinGecko. On another not MATIC has gone ABSOLUTELY APE SH!T and has captured over 700% gains in the last 2 weeks! Why? Let’s chat about it!


Is Bitconnect Really Trying to Make a Comeback?
https://bitconnect.io/ (DO NOT click ANY links inside of this website)

Facebook Coin Could Drive a ‘Mass Adoption’ of Crypto, Study Concludes
Article: https://bitcoinist.com/facebook-coin-stablecoin-crypto-mass-adoption/
Report: https://info.binance.com/en/research/marketresearch/stablecoin-evolution.html

Bitcoin Search Interest Hits 14-Month High, Google Trends Data Shows

700%+ Gains From MATIC within the Last Two Weeks
Article 1: https://www.ccn.com/this-coinbase-backed-cryptocurrency-surged-75-in-a-single-day
Article 2: https://cryptopotato.com/binance-ieo-friday-night-party-matic-fet-celr-record-gains-of-over-30/
Website: https://matic.network/
Light Paper: https://matic.network/matic-litepaper.pdf


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Block Society is the first SEC licensed and registered cryptocurrency financial advising team so you as the investor have that extra protection and transparency that is often missing in crypto.

Website: https://blocksociety.net/
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The Bull Pen Podcast hosted by The Crypto Bully

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