The EOSwriter Podcast #10 – Daniel Larimer & Brendan Blumer

The EOSwriter Podcast #10 – Daniel Larimer & Brendan Blumer

Dan Larimer & Brendan Blumer Exclusive Q&A

1:40 High Fidelity Pivot
4:00 Unique Identity
7:05 UBI & Staged Rollout
8:45 Tokenomics, Distribution, Supply
15:15 How Voice Is Different From Steemit
17:20 Social Media Scaling & Regulation
19:39 Marketing Voice
22:12 Did Money Change You?
27:12 What People Will Realize In 6 Months (Huge Onramp)
30:15 Token Model & Inflation
33:15 How To Stop Gaming The Voice System
34:57 KYC Process
36:36 Is The Token Transferable?
36:50 Paid Influence & Attention Economy
38:35 Facebook Token
40:30 Plan To Attract Mainstream Users
43:12 B1 Roadmap
47:07 Voice UX For Mainstream – Resource Management
49:50 EOS VC Strategy
51:45 Decentralized Media
53:10 EOS Events In China
53:49 EOS Writer & The EOS Podcast

The interview you have all been waiting for, we are super excited to present to you a total of 55 minutes of Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer discussing everything from the release of’s upcoming social media platform “Voice” to their personal thoughts on the journey of building the most used public blockchain the world has ever seen.

We hope you enjoy listening to the interviews as much as we did!

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A huge thanks goes to both Daniel and Brendan for taking the time to do these interviews with us here at EOSwriter. When I began working on the idea of EOSwriter and what it could become on top of my list was an interview with either BM or BB, I certainly didn’t expect to reach that goal within 6 months! A huge thanks also goes to the entire EOS community,, without your support and attention we would not have reached this milestone.