DigiByte Technical Analysis – August 2 2019

DigiByte Technical Analysis – August 2 2019

DigiByte Technical Analysis

Dear Promising Traders, The predictions made yesterday for DigiByte are still valid and enforced today.
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The price action of DigiByte today are just confirming what stated yesterday.
We can see that the weekly timeframe is literally 3 days away from a bearish crossover, but the daily gives hope, showing a possible bullish crossover.
My take is more bearish than bullish at the moment, but if we think out of the box and search for EMAs that otherwise would not be visible, for instance the 5 days timeframe, we see that a bearish crossover hasn’t occurred yet on the 233 EMA, even though it’s very close.
Thanks for watching.

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DigiByte Technical Analysis
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