Bitcoin CRITICIAL Support BROKE! 😱 FEAR INDEX Yearly HIGH! ALTCOINS Heating Up!?

#Bitcoin continues to dump as altcoins see positive gains in $BTC comparative (some in $USD as well), Barclays ditches coinbase, Samsung adds BTC support for Blockchain Keystore, US tax updates, Monarch Pay, crypto news, and more!

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1:43 Markets 〽️
11:47 Binance Maintenance:
12:06 Barclays ditches Coinbase:
13:24 Samsung adds BTC:
14:18 Monarch Pay (MT, MTS):
15:18 ICON (ICX) pre-voting:
16:43 Important for US taxpayers:
17:14 Dallas Mavericks accept BTC:
17:49 Facebook fail:
18:17 BitMEX ad misleading?

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BITCOIN DUMPING!? Was Goldman Sachs WRONG?! What’s REALLY Happening to BTC!

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