Global Recession & Negative Rates to Trigger Next Bubble! .

Are you prepared for the looming global recession & negative interest rates hitting a bank near you? Bitcoin is the only asset & currency that is immune to the forces of world powers and governments across the globe, specifically coded to fight back against negative rates & negative yields. Governments are going to try and push their own digital currencies, which they will be able to enforce negative rates upon, eating away at their citizens savings. Guess what? This could never happen to BTC. Bitcoin is destined to save people’s wealth, and this will trigger the next Bitcoin Bubble!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:27 Negative Rates & Negative Yeilds Making Their Ways Into The News & Nation States
01:09 What Is An Interest Rate?
01:42 What Are Negative Rates & Yeilds?
02:11 The Idea Behind Negative Rates
02:42 Countries Where Negative Rates Are A Reality Are Not Growing & Negative Debt Is Growing Worldwide
03:51 Why Isn’t Growth Happening? Quantitative Easing
04:37 QE & Negative Rates=Disaster
05:08 Negative Rates Will Come For Your Bank Account! Examples In Denmark & Switzerland
06:13 What Citizens Can Do With Negative Rates: Hoard Cash!
06:33 Why Governments Want Digital Currency & To Go Cashless
07:09 China Is Attempting This: DC/EP
07:57 China’s Getting Ready To Feel The Pain & Bring Negative Rates To Its Citizens
08:32 This Is Why Bitcoin Will Become So Attractive: No Negative Rates or Yields
09:52 Outro

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