IOTA Coin – Time To Buy? & Market Update (2019)

In this video I’ll be going over the Total alt coin market cap, Bitcoin & IOTA. We’re at a very important level when it comes to the alt coin market cap, we’re sitting on support which brought us out of the lows of 2018/2019. If we manage to break under this support it is very likely that we could head towards the lows of 2018/2019 to test that bottom once more.

This would mean that we could potentially get a chance to grab some altcoin at incredible prices while also seeing some altcoins heading towards the graveyard. The million dollar question is whether we’ll get to see an altcoin rally before that happens or are we going to capitulate?

Which brings us to IOTA. If we do happen to get a alt coin rally IOTA is setup to make a decent move towards the upside. I mention a couple of reasons why this is in the video as well as where we could also be headed, I think we’re getting close to the a nice rally but as for right now I’m conservatively looking for entries into altcoins for trades.

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