Few crypto tokens or altcoins have been affected by the crypto bear market than XRP, also known as Ripple. Even though Bitcoin and many others have regained much of their lost all-time high value, XRP is still down over 93% from its $3.84 price record.

Investors have grown increasingly bearish on XRP, and many expect the asset to continue to fall into oblivion. however, one crypto analyst says that “fireworks” are “incoming” for XRP, as the asset’s price hit historic support stemming all the way back to 2014.

Fireworks Incoming If XRP Historic Support Holds

Altcoins are regularly valued in both USD and BTC. XRP is down by 93% from its all-time high in USD value and is now resting on support on the XRP/BTC trading pair that dates all the way back to 2014 on crypto exchange Poloniex, according to one crypto analyst.

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