Stellar, the blockchain-based payments infrastructure who operates the cryptocurrency, Lumens (XLM) has announced the release of Horizon v0.19.0.

According to the organisation, it adds:

“an experimental endpoint that fetches signers for an account. It uses an all-new, modular ingestion system, which will allow for the quick development of new features for Stellar”

The technical details can be found here

Stellar celebrated its 5 year anniversary yesterday. The network officially launched 31 July 2014, and has grown to now accommodate more than 3.4 million accounts, managing about 2.5 million operations per day.

What does Stellar do?
Stellar is a decentralised and open-sourced blockchain platform which operates fiat money and digital currency transfers. The platform has been designed to allow cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies smoothly and efficiently.

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