Live AMA: Credits, Matic Network, Holochain & Quarkchain: The Future of Blockchain Technology

Today, Chico Crypto has a very special video, a live AMA featuring 4 different crypto companies, including Credits Blockchain, Matic Network, Holochain & Quarkchain. We will be discussing each projects future in the blockchain space, and how their technology is going to change the world.

Arjan Eikelenboom, the Head of Strategic Partnerships at CREDITS.COM Former banker and published author. Producer of blockchain educational events and is a digital assets investment consultant.

Dan Quinton, Partnerships and Adoption at Holochain and Holo.
Previously founded a Microsoft cloud services startup. 15 years experience architecting software solutions for SME and Enterprise.

Anthurine Xiang, CMO and founding partner of QuarkChian with master of engineering from Johns Hopkins University. She had 2 years experience in Wallstreet and 6 years experience in Sillicon Valley. An ex-marketing lead at LinkedIn and ex-strategy lead at wish.

Matic Network
Sandeep Nailwal, COO & Co-founder – Matic Network
Ex-CTO (Ecommerce) of Welspun Group. Previously ran a Blockchain services & product firm working with various clients to design and implement their Decentralized app architectures. An ex-Deloitte Technology consultant and comes from a top B-School in India.

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