Rod Wave Explains His "Jeezy Told Us Trap Or Die But Told His Son To Go To College" Lyric

Rod Wave “Off The Porch” Interview

Last week we sat down with buzzing Florida rapper Rod Wave for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our discussion, the 20-year old opened up about depression, his fear of rejection, making relatable music, not wanting clout & so much more! He talked about the following topics:

0:24 Talks about his “Heart On ice” tour that he just completed

0:51 Talks about coming from St. Petersburg, FL, explains what he hates about living in Atlanta

3:34 Explains why he named his recent project “PTSD”, being diagnosed with PTSD, says that recording is therapeutic for him

9:39 Talks about his single “Popular Loner” that recently hit 10 million views

10:19 Talks about being known for his music and not chasing clout

11:52 Speaks on “Heart On Ice” and the emotions he was going through when he recorded that song and reveals what song he has a hard time listening to because of what he was going through when he recorded it

13:26 Explains why he said he won’t ever love or trust again on “No Love”

15:21 Explains his lyric “Jeezy told us trap or die but told his son to go to college” on “True Story”

17:42 Talks about working with E-40

19:27 Talks about performing at Rolling Loud in Miami

21:27 Speaks about being featured on Kevin gates upcoming tour

24:53 Talks about the buzzing rap scenes in Florida

27:21 Talks about his upcoming projects (possibly “PTSD 2”, “Hunger Games 4” & “Ghetto Gospel”) and reveals he still downloads beats from YouTube

Rod Wave

DGB Media

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Interview by Haze of DGB

Shot & edited by Andrew Yager

“Off The Porch” is Dirty Glove Bastard’s exclusive interview series where artists, producers, DJs & industry insiders are given a platform to tell their unfiltered story. Dirty Glove Bastard was created in 2007 to shine more light on the buzzing, regional music scenes in the South & Midwest.

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