XRP how long does it take for mainstream use

XRP Ripple, how long does it take for a new product or technology to become mainstream where say a third of the world’s population knows about it. A look at products over time to see whether they are still used and how long it took for mainstream usage. Also settlements instantly is needed – it is over a 120 trillion dollar problem. XRP’s issuance of 100bn is nothing compared to the problem Ripple is trying to fix.
Everyone has a cash settlement problem – Ripple technology is for everyone not just banks. No one can get their cash within 3 secs from the Banks. We all want our cash in 3 seconds. Those that say BTC is the way to go are completely ignoring the lack of instance cash settlement which is 3 seconds if you use Ripple’s technology. Bitcoin’s technology is old Technology compared to Ripple’s technology.

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews