Proof of Stake S2 – Episode 10 – Tezos finally stakes, but how much?

Proof of Stake S2 – Episode 10 – Tezos finally stakes, but how much?

Hello welcome back to the second season go the proof of stake experiments, where we tests various cryptocurrencies to find out which one profits and stakes the most. In this episode we find out that Tezos finally stakes but how much?

Also i must apologies for the lateness of this particular video I was traveling without all my equipment so it was a bit of a challenge!

The coins we are staking are: Reddcoin – RDD, Stratis – STRAT, NEO (GAS), Ontology – ONT, Exclusive coin – EXCL, Tezos – XTZ, Tomochain – TOMO, Vechain – VET, Loom, ARK, DAI (we going to lend this)

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