Doge plays Minecraft PS4 Ep.10

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Welcome to Minecraft PS4 Edition, thanks for coming in, here are the rules

1. No links
2. No spamming
3. No bullying or harassment
4. Be respectful
5. No negativity
6. No excessive begging
7. No friend requests
8. No self promotion
9. No subscriber swapping
10. Keep it family friendly
11. Press F for any deaths in-game
12. No violence
13. No excessive hate comments (form of spam)
14. Enjoy the stream

If you break any of these rules (unincluding rule 11 & 14), you will be put to timeout for 5 minutes. If your unwanted actions continue, you will be put to timeout again or recieve a ban.

Have a great day! If your looking for other content, I stream Roblox the majority of my time & Fortnite once in a while.

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