STAFE(TM) family, a scalable offer securing the IoT

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Protecting products and businesses
Companies selling high value or sensitive goods know it is vital to protect their products from counterfeiting risks and safety threats. Illegal or unsafe copies can quickly break a business model or damage a brand reputation. With the emergence of IoT, there are more and more business model based on internet services relying on data received from a various range of connected devices. These models are exposed to a growing base of remote attackers.

In many market areas such as smart grids, smart cities, smart homes, Industry 4.0, eHealth…, to avoid denial of services, business loss and brand reputation impact, it is crucial to trust the IoT devices retuning data and to be sure of the integrity and confidentiality of the data exchanges.

STSAFE enabling end to end security
ST offers a full family of secure elements addressing IoT ecosystem products, from embedded platforms to gateways and servers. Integrated to device design and connected to the device processing unit, STSAFE secure elements help to ensure device authenticity, device platform integrity and data exchanges integrity and confidentiality.

STSAFE full ecosystem for secure IoT
ST STSAFE turnkey solutions come with different personalization offers allowing to configure product according to customers needs. It can consist in pre-generating or in pre-loading secrets that can allow IoT device zero touch on-boarding in a second time.

ST turnkey solutions come with a full development ecosystem to ensure an easy and fast integration. Tools help to test personalization. Development and evaluation boards are available especially to connect with STM32 evaluation boards.

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