DigiByte and Friends – 01 – Navcoin, staking, on-chain governance & DAO's with Craig MacGregor

In this first episode of DigiByte and Friends, we look at Navcoin
Navcoin are doing some really cool things with their on-chain governance
The Navcoin DAO is also a really interesting aspect of how they are looking after certain aspects of their blockchain too
We look in to privacy pitfalls and benefits, code commits, getting people involved, exchanges staking, game-theory behind coin value and so much more!

Find out about Craig

NavCoin Social
Twitter: https://twitter.com/navcoin
Facebook: https://facebook.com/navcoin
Reddit: https://reddit.com/navcoin
Telegram: https://t.me/navcoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/y4Vu9jw
Medium: http://medium.com/nav-coin

NavCoin Websites
Main Site: https://navcoin.org
Community Site: https://navhub.org
Block Explorer: https://navexplorer.com

More Info
Community Fund: https://navcoin.org/en/community-fund
Bounty Programs: https://navcoin.org/en/bounties
Wallets: https://navcoin.org/en/wallets
Exchanges: https://navcoin.org/en/buy-navcoin

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