Minergate Silent Miner ( FUD + Hidden ) | XMR Miner CPU 2019

Minergate Silent Miner ( FUD + Hidden ) | XMR Miner CPU 2019

Minergate Silent Miner (FUD + Hidden) – XMR Miner CPU 2019

In this video I’ll be sharing my own Monero Silent Miner for Minergate. It can be used for any coin but for this tutorial I’ll be just sharing silent monero miner. Its FUD and Hidden miner which once started will mine monero for you and it will be collected in your minergate profile. Secondly good thing about the miner is that it is persistent like if you restart your pc, the miner will automatically start in the background silenty.

Now for me I am sharing this monero silent miner (Minergate Silent Miner) if you have pc or laptop other than your own used pc and want to earn some money using that pc, so the best way off course most users are using it as a miner so it can mine cryptocurreny. The same case is here if you want to setup your own silent xmr miner (Minergate Silent Miner) so you don’t need to start it every single time but just for once run it and it will run for ever until you stop it.


NOTE: This Minergate Silent Miner doesn’t work on 32 bit system. I’ll in my another video tell you how you can make your own miner also will tell how to make it compatible for both 32Bit and 64 Bit Systems. But this miner only work on 64 bit system and the reason I choose this silent miner is that it is much faster than others.

Make MinerGate Account using this link ► https://minergate.com/a/3eee33f9e10a08087497cc2f

Download Minergate Silent Miner (FUD + Hidden) – XMR Miner CPU 2019 from the following given links.

(XMR Miner CPU) – Updated On 8-26-19
XMR Silent Miner [Minergate] by Tigerzplace

Download (XMR Miner CPU) ► http://preofery.com/11FA

Alt Download Link ( XMR Miner CPU ) ► https://mega.nz/#!6UFXjSbQ!p8Zr8-PREJbEf9T4jy-aRGngdn1wi6YU3klI34zjg-o

If you get error while downloading, let me know I’ll update the links.


Once you got the XMR Miner CPU, just extract it using WINRAR. Make sure you got winrar as we will need this further for just one point. You can download winrar from rarlab.com

After extraction you need to setup something.To use XMR Silent Miner [Minergate] by Tigerzplace you need to edit “start.bat” file.

Right click on “start.bat” file and click edit.
Then replace “pbpawr2gbg7rttj” with your email which you use for mingergate account.

Save the file and now just open the miner file with Winrar and drag “start.bat” file into the “XMR Silent Miner [Minergate] by Tigerzplace.exe”.

That’s all for the setup. Now just open the miner and it will start mining for you. You can check you log in your minergate profile.

[Closing]- If you want to stop/close the miner. For that open TASK Manager and go to processes or detail, there find “win” name in the list and close it by right clicking and pressing “End Task”.

That’s for this tutorial. Hope you guys will find it helpful. If you find this miner not working any more in the future. Make sure you let me know in the comment section or on my page so I’ll update it for you guys.

Enjoy ☻ –!

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