DigiByte to $0 005

DigiByte to $0.005
Dear Promising Traders, this is the chance to discuss about how to manage your positions.
As a professional trader you always want to have your stop loss in place.
In this case, if I had played DigiByte myself, I would have taken a 3 to 5% loss of my capital because I was wrong, but I would now know what position to take, possibly recovering immediately my loss by playing in the right direction.
One thing that you don’t want to do if you are a professional trader, is holding a losing position… Also, you don’t want to enter a long position when the market is going up like crazy, that’s a sign that you may want to enter a short position soon.
As for the analysis of today I foresee DGB to rally up to around half way through the big red candle and then keep dropping, and that’s really it…
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