The EOS 1.8 Upgrade

The EOS 1.8 Upgrade

Daniel Keyes | EOS Nation
Ashe Oro
Zane Whitener

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Announcements: adds voter proxies!

6:53 Perspective & product market fit of bitcoin

11:18 Lead up to 1.8 Upgrade and the coordination involved

16:07 Upgrade Features: Can now deploy new features using 15/21 MSIG without needing forks

17:00 User resources can now be taken care of by the apps they use.

18:08 Added flexibility to how RAM can be used & the focus on user experience

21:54 New features will now be implemented via 15/21 MSIG

24:42 Potential risks

27:27 “Will EOSIO 2.0 need a fork to upgrade?” No.

29:32 Quick response of the BPs to a Block.One 1.8.4 security update

36:02 EOSIO 2.0, WebAuthn and Yubikeys

43:24 “What about the B1 Wallet Open Source Code? Is the Universal Authenticator Library also a feature of 1.8 already?”

47:32 “Unique ID without relying on gov ID will be massive”

52:48 Eyal Hertzog’s video on how identity & adoption is being adopted

59:40 BOScoreWorker Proposal System could be coming to EOS mainnet.

EOS Nation’s 1.8 Upgrade Tracker

BOS Worker Proposal System:

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