Canon Firmware Update Step-By-Step| Canon EOS R and RP

This is a step-by-step guide to update the firmware on your Canon EOS R and EOS RP. And let me add, this update is great. Download the firmware for the EOS R:

Download the firmware for the EOS RP:

Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera travel bundle:

Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Digital Camera travel bundle:

The Canon firmware update has been released for the EOS R and EOS RP and you’ll want to download this one.

Canon’s autofocus has greatly improved and their mirrorless cameras keep getting better and better. Here are some Key improvements with the new Canon firmware update:

1. Improved eye detection when the subject is at a distance 
2. improve overall AF frame tracking for moving subjects 
3. improve initial subject recognition 
4. Better initial tracking when subjects are at a distance.


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