DigiByte and Friends – #85 – Android updates for DigiAssets, CoinKit tipping & TheMaskedSinger

In todays DigiByte Update we look at what’s new in the latest Android update:
This is rolling out to the public release channel now and should be available to everybody within the next 12 or so hours if you haven’t got it already

CoinKit have added DigiByte support, this is being setup in the DigiByte Telegram channels:
You can see a list of most of our common Telegram channels at the bottom of DigiByte.io or there’s a list of them here:

Mike (@DGBSoCal) has made a DigiAsset for TheMaskedSinger which is a great example of all the additional information that you can include with a DigiAsset, he’s giving them away too so reply to him with an address for your DigiByte Android app and he’ll send you one:

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