Industry Marketplace Demonstration | How entities interact & participate


The Industry Marketplace – created by IOTA and world-leading innovators – will serve as a vendor and industry-neutral platform, automating the trading of physical and digital goods and services.

This video demonstrates how entities in the Industry Marketplace, namely the Service Requestor and the Service Provider, interact with each other. For the sake of this demonstration, both roles are displayed on one screen. In the real world, they would run fully automated, directly on a machine, as part of a headless application. The user interface is optional and of course only useful for human operators.

The creation of the Industry Marketplace would not have been possible without the following collaborators, their intrinsic motivation to change the status quo for the better and their desire to enable the economy of things through the IOTA open source technology: [email protected], OvGU, HSU, Neoception, WeWash.

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