ANTHONY POMPLIANO – XRP And Ripple New Outlook | Brad Garlinghouse Interview

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Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano shares his thoughts on the future of XRP, Ripple, and Bitcoin in his latest interview with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. At the end of this exclusive 90-minute interview, Anthony Pompliano says he thinks there are a couple of likely outcomes for the future of Fintech. For starters, Pompliano says Ripple’s mission to help banks become more efficient makes a lot of sense. “I think I’m actually on the podcast, on the record, saying it’s important to separate out the software company from XRP. I actually think that having software that makes banks run better – there’s a big business to be built there. We’ve actually invested in a bunch of businesses that are trying to disrupt software that is currently in banks or helping banks be more efficient. That all makes a lot of sense to me.”

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