The EOS Crypto Project – A Simple Guide for Everyone

EOS is the cryptocurrency that supports the EOSIO protocol, a technology that runs as a decentralized operating system and a platform for smart contracts. The project was designed for industrial-scale applications and has the aim to develop a decentralized autonomous corporation model.


// What is Cardano (ADA) Coin:

// What is Litecoin (LTC):

// What is Stellar Coin (XLM):

// What is Bitcoin in a Nutshell


// Buy cryptocurrencies with fiat:

using Coinbase:

// Trade cryptocurrencies:

on Binance:

on Changelly:


// Store your digital assets in hardware wallets:

Nano Ledger:



// Learn more about digital assets:

Bitdegree (learn cryptocurrencies for some courses):

Coursera (also has good crypto courses):

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