Ripple XRP: China VS USA Blockchain Race That Will Lead to Mass Adoption

A race between China and USA for Blockchain domination could create the perfect storm for Digital Asset mass adoption. What does this mean for Ripple & XRP?

Part 1: XRP Community Members have been removed from Twitter for no real reason. Is this due to a secret Ripple document that was leaked?

Part 2: Xago CEO Jurgen Kuhnel states that he loves Bitcoin, but XRP is better suited for retail needs.

Part 3: The micro-payment revolution is coming and XRP has set the stage to be a force. Internet content and video games are just the start of this exciting use case.

Part 4: China has turned pro blockchain and the Chinese run tv station has started to run educational segments teaching viewers about blcokchain and bitcoin.

Part 5: Bitcoin is up 3 times in value while XRP has failed to perform in terms of price growth. Does this mean BTC is the winner?

Part 6: Can we look at XRP growth potential in a simpler way?

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