XRP 50 Percent of All Crypto Transaction in the World! UP 100 % Is Ripple's ODL Responsible ???

XRP transactions went up 100 percent and now account for half of all the crypto transactions sent in the world. Is Ripple’s On Demand Liquidity responsible?

Part 1: The United States has reason to hold on to the old SWIFT financial system as it allows for easier control over the global economy. Now that Russia, China and India are developing their own systems the usefulness of SWIFT may have come to an end.

Part 2: China unveiled new Digital Asset Regulatory System. Things are getting serious fast.What system are they going to use.

Part 3: Ripple will not expand ODL into territories without regulatory clarity in that specific territory.

Part 4: XRP transaction volume has returned to 2017 bull run levels. Will the price follow suit.

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