Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA: How DLT Will Make Data Privacy a Reality

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This is episode #1 in the Automation Series. You can learn more about the Automation Series here .

You can learn more about IOTA on their website .

Dominik Schiener is the Co-Founder of IOTA, a disruptive technology that enables machines to store and send money frictionlessly between one another. In 2017, Dominik co-founded the IOTA Foundation and established Germany’s first nonprofit foundation that enables and fosters permission-less ecosystems powered by distributed ledgers. Dominik is highly regarded as one the leading innovators in the global blockchain community. 

In this episode, Anthony Pompliano and Dominik discuss: privacy and data ownership, what is needed to make DLT a reality, the future of data privacy, and the eventuality of a machine-to-machine currency built on DLT.

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