OSGi creates real technical added value in IoT – Let’s talk about concrete use cases

IoT is one of the major markets in which the OSGi technology is being used. The range of use cases is endless, e.g. for smart home & energy management, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for industrial machinery, reduce loss of harvest with connected agriculture solutions, improve traffic flow management as well as fleet management in smart cities.

In this panel we want to discuss the following topics that various OSGi members have been working on:

Short description of the type of use cases
What were the technical challenges and how did OSGi help to overcome them ?
What were the advantages of using OSGi from a technical point of view ?
What are commonalities and major differences ?
What is the future of OSGi in IoT ?

This moderated panel will have participants from Bosch Software Innovations, CEA List, Data in Motion, Makewave and Paremus.

Kai Hackbarth

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews