Coinmine One – Should You Get One? (At-Home Crypto Miner Experience)

Coinmine One is a personal crypto miner that is super simple to set up in your home. You can set it up in the matter of a few minutes and start being a participant and contributor to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You can mine a handful of coins – ETH, BTC, GRIN, XMR, ZEC at time of shooting this video. You can switch easily between mining each one. You may have a lot of questions in your mind like ROI, profitability, noise level, heat generated, electricity consumption and more. If you’re curious about my experience with the Coinmine One and my thoughts on what type of person it is meant for then please watch my video!

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Disclaimer: Coinmine did send me this device to review. I did not have to purchase it myself. That said, all thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own. They did not ask me to say anything in particular besides an honest review.

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