EOS Network Resource Crunch! 💥

The EIDOS airdrop / “mining” has bogged down the entire EOS network to where a lot of DAPPS aren’t working from not having enough CPU to do transactions. I was even blown away when I first tried to do something because I had 3.5 EOS staked to CPU and suddenly that wasn’t enough. I staked 24 EOS to CPU and I could finally do some stuff but I have heard you have to have 100 EOS staked to CPU for things to perform normally. Here is the website for the EIDOS airdrop. https://enumivo.org/get-free-eidos

I’m going to keep getting a little bit of it. The reason I don’t feel this is as bad as what happened to Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017 is because staking more EOS doesn’t cost you and EOS in transaction fees or anything unless you suddenly feel the need to utilize the REX to get more resources. In the end I’m not losing any EOS from this situation. I’m actually gaining because REX Prices have shot up and also I’m getting some of the EIDOS from mining. The price of that will eventually get crushed soon and everyone will forget about it and move on. This is a good stress test for the network though.

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews