CPU Congestion and What It Means for EOS

Chaney Moore | CPU Emergency
Yves LaRose | EOS Nation
Denis Carriere | EOS Nation

Chaney Moore: @moore_chaney
Denis Carriere & Yves LaRose
www.eosnation.io @eos_nation

4:22 How CPU works, CPU Emergency and how the congestion is happening
8:47 Shout outs to dapps providing resources and design safeguards to do this.
12:17 off-chain vs on-chain solutions for CPU/other functions
15:35 Voice.com
17:00 Effects of no more free CPU
20:41 Transactions Performance and Block One’s tokens
28:20 “When is Voice.com coming?” – Requirements
35:50 20% Reserve/Limitation in REX
40:49 Should we stay in “base level CPU” mode forever?
47:08 Smarter renting practices
52:35 EOS isn’t dying
53:46 Will CPU issues delay launch of Voice.com?
57:17 How can vCPU help?
1:02:23 Ashe’s presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKezxWxmCsw
1:04:04 Blocktivity update & EOSVM
1:07:08 Seinfeld’s “The Bottle Deposit” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGJZcHgqX1g

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