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token+burn – xlm stellar lumens “Development Foundation (SDF) announced a new mandate today for its network’s development, stating that it has burned over 55 billion Stellar Lumens (XLM) tokens.”

According to a Medium post on Nov. 4, the development foundation drastically reduced the number of tokens in existence as part of an effort to become more efficient as it moves forward. ”


Coinbase’s legal chief, Brian Brooks, feels that the United States government should take a step back and allow the private sector to create the U.S. digital dollar.


“Speaking to CNBC, Lubin called into question the extent of China’s dalliance with blockchain technology and its attendant pivot towards decentralization. The Ethereum co-founder echoed similar concerns recently shared by stakeholders noting that China’s penchant for censorship will not allow the flourishing of decentralized systems.”

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