Mysterious Philosophy Words Explained Jay Dyer + Fr DCn Dr Ananias Sorem 1

Jay Dyer and I discuss the important issue of key Greek and Hellenic terms and how the fathers transformed them. Orthodoxy has the freedom to utilize philosophic ideas and terms without being boxed into any strict philosophical system – be it Platonism, Aristotelianism or later philosophical insights. Truth is one and wherever truth is, it is ultimately in reference to the Logos Himself. This will be a basic glossary of sometimes foreign and consuming terms that at times are from the realm of philosophy and can be a stumbling block. We will cover terms like Arche, Monarchia, Hypostasis, Ousia, Enhypostatized, telos, logoi, Logos, and many more which are necessary for attaining the nuance of an Orthodox phronema without falling into the mistake of Hellenism and the word-concept fallacy.

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