Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting #16 – November 7, 2019

The 16th Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting for 2019 took place on November 7 at 15:00 UTC.


Amaury Séchet – Bitcoin ABC
Antony Zegers – Bitcoin ABC
Jason B. Cox – Bitcoin ABC
Mark Lundeberg – Independent BCH Developer
Chris Pacia – BCHD
Tyler Smith – BCHD
Jason Dreyzehner – BitAuth
Josh Green – Bitcoin Verde
Matias Garcia – BitPay

Host: David R. Allen


1. Avalanche discussion / progress updates.

2. Discussion of Upgrade preparedness.

3. Creating a BCH specification / BUIP121

4. Potential items for the next upgrade:
a. Allowing more than one OP_RETURN output per transaction
b. New Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm
c. Make P2PKH256 outputs standard
d. 520 byte script limit (affecting P2SH script length in particular)

References and links discussed during the meeting:

November 15th Upgrade Specification:

Bitcoin Verde Telegram:

From Jason Dreyzehner : I’ve written descriptions of each opcode and potential error in the script system for the Bitauth Templating Language compiler (used on

Opcode descriptions for opcodes which are common between BCH and BTC:

Common error messages:

BCH only descriptions:

BCH only error messages:

Also, I strongly recommend starting from the documentation on, which is already very good:

Ideas welcome:

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