Ripple News from Swell 2019: XRP Helps Speed International Payments #SwellbyRipple

Ripple hosts a financial services panel at Swell 2019: “How On-Demand Liquidity is Changing the Game.” Hear from four of Ripple’s partners about how XRP can be used as a bridge currency to transfer money across borders with speed, savings and certainty.

The panel includes Bárbara González Briseño, Head of Finance, Bitso; Joisie Mantilla, Blockchain Specialist, Emerging Technologies, Interbank Peru; Michael Brooks, Founder & CEO, goLance; and Nicolas Steiger, Chief Enabling Officer, FlashFX with Ripple Senior Director Ginger Baker as moderator.

International payments, especially in emerging markets, require a financial services company to hold pre-funded accounts in destination currencies. It’s a costly endeavor that ties up resources. By leveraging the digital asset XRP, On-Demand Liquidity frees up capital and guarantees the most competitive rates.

In this panel, you will hear real-world case studies from the companies at the forefront of the blockchain revolution in finance.

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews