Bali ✈ Singapore | PMDG 77W SIA | P3D v4

Flying the PMDG 777-300ER from Ngurah Rai Bali Int’l (WADD) to Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS).

You can jump to any flight phase in the video using the links below:
0:00:00 Intro | flightplan
0:04:00 Departure brief
0:11:00 Pushback and taxi
0:20:15 Takeoff and climb *
0:36:50 Coming up on TOD | approach brief
1:06:00 Approach and landing 02C Changi
1:10:00 Taxi in and parking at Terminal 2 | Outro

*music: Tycho | Horizon
Prepar3D v4 | Active Sky | ChasePlane
PMDG 777 with FS2Crew
Aerosoft Bali X | Samscene Singapore | Imaginesim WSSS
Tomatoshade | R&D preset
System Specs: i7-6700K; GTX 980 Ti; 16GB RAM
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