#298 Four new Arduino Nano Boards: Test and Comparison (Every, 33 IoT, 33 BLE, 33 BLE Sense)

#298 Four new Arduino Nano Boards: Test and Comparison (Every, 33 IoT, 33 BLE, 33 BLE Sense)

Recently, Arduino released four new products. They all look very similar but use completely different Microcontroller chips. So we have to answer two questions: Do they know what they are doing and is it any good for us Makers? And of course: How do they compare with the ESP32?
In this video, we will look at these four boards:
– Arduino Nano Every
– Arduino Nano 33 IoT
– Arduino Nano 33 BLE
– Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
And look into the following topics:
– An overview of their capabilities. We will also add a typical ESP32 board for reference
– We will have a look into how the Arduino IDE supports a multi-CPU Architecture environment
– We will look at the new 3.3-volt world and the dangers coming from this change
– Will find out bad things about the boards if they exist
– We will test the BLE and Wi-Fi functions and measure power consumption
– And we will try to answer the essential questions: What are the implications for the future of the Arduino platform. And: Is there a new star born?

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Comparison Chart: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-pVnJ4_RwVnt3PbcQbt08NnIrBV-cNlw_cyCzeZPv2c
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